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Eye of the Storms

Storm's Eye

Storm's Eye is the Anniversary Edition of Weathering Jack Storm written in first pov with extra hot scenes, and more Jack pov chapters, for those who love steamy romances.

It had been easy to fall in love with Jack, metal musician and father of her child. Staying in love with Jack Storm the rock star while adjusting to a new life in Los Angeles is anything but easy.

Is this the rock star life?

To Marissa, her future seems as mysterious as dusk’s shimmering shadows beneath the surface of the luxurious guitar shaped pool. There is no doubt this could be her dream house, her dream life with the man she loves. Not so dreamy is all that she is beginning to see packaged with him.

The crazy hours of a very active life. The garbage behind the glam. Mostly, a moody and presumptuous rock star whose public persona is opposite of the sweet celebrity she fell for.

"Storm's Eye" is book 2 of the G Strings Anniversary Set. It is Jack Who as originally written, in first POV with extra steamy chapters. It can stand alone, but is greatly enhanced by reading Eye of the Storms.

Eye of the Storms


A nip. A tongue lash. A suck. His knee moved up between my legs, keeping warm the other part of my body, which was still throbbing from this same treatment. Jack stood up enough to rub another kiss to my lips and to push the fabric to my waist. When I felt the drag of it over my hips, I protested.

“Seriously? With everyone just right there?”

Was this the rock star life? Yet I knew the answer. No one had taken notice yet. Jack’s answer was a simple rock star answer. Barely raising his lips from mine, he raised his voice, and it carried over his shoulder across the water.

“Party’s over! Bye!”

His tongue reunited with mine as if the time apart to say those few words had been an eternity. Tilting my head, I watched in astonishment as the patio emptied in less than three minutes. Most of our guests even called out a cheerful good-bye.