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Storm Cells

A collection of Jack and Marissa shorts.

Addicted to Jack and Marissa? These extra scenes are for you. A Valentine's Day that falls on a Jackal tour. Jack and Marissa's baby journey. And Jack and Marissa's honeymoon. These novelettes were put out in appreciation of fan support and each new one is always free to subscribers.

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Storm Cells 1 - A Difficult Date With a Rock Star

February 14 falling in the middle of a Jackal tour complicates everything. Jack has a date with a lucky fan who won a radio contest, and with a show that night, it's beginning to look like he and Marissa may not have their own date on Valentine's Day.

Storm Cells 2 - June Bugs

Getting knocked up isn’t as easy the second time around. Jack & Marissa’s baby journey…

Storm Cells 3 - Honeyed Moons

Jack and Marissa have never been alone—not really. As a celebrity couple, they're accustomed to interruptions and eyes on them at all times in public. As parents, they're more than used a pint sized interruption just on the other side of any closed door in their home. A honeymoon hidden away from the world and without kids sounds heavenly, and they have been looking forward to this time together for months. Yet… What will it really be like to be alone finally for three entire weeks? Truly heaven? Or is another storm brewing?

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